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Recently purchased our TDI and am looking for recommendations for diesel stations in Boston. Other forum members have suggested sticking with high volume stations so that you're more likely to get "fresh" diesel.

I haven't yet identified any high volume stations yet...the rest stop on RT 128 southbound in Wellesley has one truck pump, which I never see being used, and one car pump. The credit card reader on the south side of the car pump doesn't work. Not sure I want to buy fuel there...

The rest stop on RT 90 eastbound in Natick might have better volume...there are always a lot of trucks moving through. I haven't checked yet.

Also, I've found a couple of BD sources in Boston - Burke in Chelsea, TH Malloy in Cumberland RI, and I've heard about Bursar in Acton. I've bought B5 from Burke in the past, and recently bought B20 from Malloy (mixed down to B5 with straight diesel). Malloy also sells B99.

So where are people buying their diesel? Biodiesel?

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