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Gear lash/Trans Whine

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I put about 1000 miles on this weekend - only had 2 small problems.

1. I have a horrible whine that smacks of gear lash at 2550 rpm's only in 6th gear. Unfortunately this puts the V8 Touareg at 71 MPH - which I travel at quite frequently. I experimented a bit, it goes away about at 2600 and starts right after 2500. It only happens in 6th gear, not 4th or 5th. Might be able to wind 3rd up that far haven't tried.

2. I received a "Check Lights" warning one evening. I restarted the car and it remained... I check all the lights, signals, brakes, high beam etc... It all worked fine. Next morning it was gone.

Other than that everything performed flawlessly and a 7 hour drive was easily accomplished - very low fatigue. I averaged 60mph - which is odd considering I was at or above 80mph for the whole trip - I guess the gas station trips and stop lights eat into that number quickly. I averaged 17.2 mpg which was a little low, but I was frequently passing. Hit 120 briefly - car felt plenty solid - I'm just not comfortable going that fast - neither was the police officer apparently - just kidding.

Anythoughts on the light warning and whining sound appreciated.
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I am to take mine in for the transmission whine on Thursday... Mine starts at about 82 MPH and goes as far as I have been brave enough to take it... it only happens with applied gas... it can be as subtle as having the cruise control on, but the instant I let off the gas, the sound disappears...

Does yours not do it on aggressive acceleration? I hear the whine just before shifting in all gears... it is embarrassing, as it sounds like such an inferior, underpowered vehicle... and mine is the V8...

I will let you know what the dealer comes up with on the Thursday visit... if anyone has suggested areas I can point them (I already have one suggestion from BoostAddiction regarding the possibilities of mis-aligned gears, low lube or bent parts). I haven't had it long, or offroad, so any bent parts would have been already bent at purchase...

At any rate, if there is more to arm myself with, let me know... regardless I will report back the dealer service results...


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