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I have a V6 - mainly because I got an amazing deal on it.

Realize, its a 5000+ lb vehicle, so you aren't going to be taking it to the drag strip any time soon.

Between V6/V8 - It truly depends. The V6 is plenty sufficient for my needs. She's hit 110mph like a dream with lots of room to spare.

I know Trent hit 130 in his V8. I know most V8 owners love their TRegs.

I also know that most V6 owners said they were glad they saved the money because the power was sufficient for them.

Not only is it a slight gas mileage increase, for me, it was about an 8k upgrade to get to V8 price range.

Drive them both. Try them in [D]rive and in port.

Keep us informed on what you decide. We'd love to have you as an active Club Toaureg member!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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