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Fuel injection pump belt change

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Hello, I have inherited a 2011 3.0 V6 TDI Touareg with 130k. The fuel injection pump belt, roller, and tensioner are in poor condition. Is it necessary to lock the injection pump cog when changing this belt? I've read that this pump is timed to the engine. If I absolutely need special tools I can pick them up, but if a paint mark works fine I'd rather do that.

Any help is appreciated!
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erWin has all the service information you need. If you don't want to pay, use the search function and find gifts from others, both on here and many other (typically russian) sites.
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Well, if it were mine, I'd treat it just like a timing belt. It is essentially the equivalent of one, and if it goes to crap, it does significant damage. Remember that belt degrade, and over down under you probably have lots of heat and stuff so you may want to bite the bullet and do it as PM instead of waiting for the big bang.
Guess not. Just wait till it lets go and simply replace it.
Because you've called me out on it, I would actually have to look into how it's driven and what it can get tangled up in and such. (but honestly, I don't care that much to argue about it) We don't have that engine here, so I know roughly where it is from seeing an SSP on the engine, but I don't know what is all around it and all that. There have been many examples on various engines where simple belts, anything from accessory or whatever have been ignored and when they let go, they tear up other stuff, get tangled, rip wires, lines, sensors or whatever.....

Lastly, I don't know the OPs use patterns or what a tow cost would be to retrieve his rig if it leaves him stranded 5min or 5hrs from his home, so there's a lot to factor in if one wants to minimize the potential risk.

At the end of the day it's up to the owner to decide what headaches he wants.
I promise we can argue about anything in the near future... I was having a day with other life junk and couldn't get in the mood 😜
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I'm not even sure the belt would be the root cause of a failure. The idler/tensioner is more likely to crap out no?
No common rail pump needs to be timed. On anything at all. Ever.

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Did you miss the "it must be timed" part?
I've also included an extract from the manual for his exact engine "implying" that it must be timed due to the use of lock tools\pins and the setting the engine to TDC........

I don't have the exact info, but I believe that on systems with 8 injectors, they actually need to be timed to coincide with the firing events, or there would be potential for insufficient pressure........ when the same CP4.2 is used on a 6 banger, there's not enough injectors to "deplete" the rail, so it doesn't matter.... but if you look at the 4 bangers using the CP4.1, they must once again be timed.....

I'll agree that they will run even if not timed, but I suspect that they would not sustain redline rpm and\or optimal output if not timed.
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