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Fuel injection pump belt change

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Hello, I have inherited a 2011 3.0 V6 TDI Touareg with 130k. The fuel injection pump belt, roller, and tensioner are in poor condition. Is it necessary to lock the injection pump cog when changing this belt? I've read that this pump is timed to the engine. If I absolutely need special tools I can pick them up, but if a paint mark works fine I'd rather do that.

Any help is appreciated!
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This has me curious as to what sort of conditions this car was subjected to that the belts are bad like this
You don't need to make marks or count teeth, the high pressure fuel pump is not timed.
That's debatable depending whom you ask lol
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Unfortunately for anyone who thinks they are timed, they are incorrect.
I've heard some pretty convincing arguments either way. I wish I remember who it was arguing it.. it was somebody big in the field. I know you can't install a pump 180* out like the old days but I saw pretty convincing engineering discussion that to a point they are indeed timed. Dunno my guy. I'm neutral on this one but can accept that these pumps can basically be installed however
I'm not suggesting. They are not timed. They have nothing to do with timing, they simply make pressure, the ecu controls when the injectors are fired.
Maybe, but its a just a regular old cp4.2 which every big diesel uses, and on every other big diesel they need timed....
No common rail pump needs to be timed. On anything at all. Ever.
I'm not saying you're wrong, but there's countless sources that disagree

Here's the timing procedure for the eco diesel ram

Probably a nvh thing for weird American products. You could put it on "incorrectly" and it's still going to run.
I absolutely will not deny the weird American products thing. And that's what I'm saying I totally believe you could put it on wrong and it runs but I think when you get deep into the technical nitty-gritty stuff that there is a technical timing process. I know it's not like an old rotary pump or something where if you put it 180° out it won't run or it will run like crap etc
As above, I'm talking about timing in the traditional sense, they will run no matter how they are installed, it doesn't control the timing of the injection. That is for some nvh reason or similar.
I'll agree that they will run even if not timed, but I suspect that they would not sustain redline rpm and\or optimal output if not timed.

Yeppppp. And here we go 🤣 Like I said, many will argue it needs to be timed.... but by all means will run without it.
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