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Fuel injection pump belt change

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Hello, I have inherited a 2011 3.0 V6 TDI Touareg with 130k. The fuel injection pump belt, roller, and tensioner are in poor condition. Is it necessary to lock the injection pump cog when changing this belt? I've read that this pump is timed to the engine. If I absolutely need special tools I can pick them up, but if a paint mark works fine I'd rather do that.

Any help is appreciated!
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I would like to see some actual data on wear from a used belt vs. a new one.

There are a couple 3.0 TDI's in Canada that have gone over 500,000 kms and afaik, they never changed that belt.

Obviously different environments and usage can affect something like this.

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You can't see the wear on a toothed belt, they are working one minute, have no teeth the next minute.
You could put a caliper on a new belt and measure the difference on the worn belt, if didn’t loose its teeth. Not sure if they make a gauge for measuring. Gates makes a gauge for their serpentine belts.

Not to mention they can develop cracks before they break....well if they are EPDM this is not the case.

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