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Thinking about selling.. I drive so much it would make sense to own a Tdi and a 4x4 separately. I absolutely love this thing, I will never find another this color or interior options. But I gotta be realistic, I never planned on driving it as much every day as I am. Don't get me wrong it does great gets 30+ mpg and rides like a dream. It will tow anything you hook it to, and is a super fun vehicle to drive. But I want to be in the higher 40's for fuel milage and although carrying my ski on the back with air suspension was nice I have a nice trailer haha.

If your interested get with me to look at it, I drive it daily to Jacksonville,Florida but I live in Kingsland Ga.

Some info on it.
2010 Touareg 3.0 TDi
110k miles (climbing)
4 corner air suspension
Dynaudio sound with hidden subwoofer. (Kicker under rear seat)
Bi-Xeon headlights with leveling and cornering movement
Tow package and wired using oem trailer module and plugs.
Stage 2 Malone Tune
DPF Delete, 3" turbo to stock rear section.
Complete LED interior lighting and license plate lights
Suspension sensor arms (trick system to be lower as well as higher)
Also have $80 module to play Bluetooth music through radio, that will be included, and is hooked up and works great.
Rubber Monster Mats and rear cargo carpet liner.
Updated to the $350 vertex driveshaft bearing support, this is considered a lifetime fix to the crappy design oem ones.

Oil changes every 7500 miles fuel filters every 20k.
Only Liqui Moly oil since I bought it.

At 86k I did:
Trans service
Air filters
Front pads and rotors
Tires Nitto Motivo (20" wheels)

Only bad I can think of is the driver seat shows signs of wear but not big tears or anything. It does have an exhaust system, and has a little sound to it, and does smoke if you get on it. Just like any diesel with the emissions bypassed. This means no adblue fluid as well.

Call or text (text preferred) won't check here much

I will entertain trades for a TDI VW or Audi plus my payoff. I currently owe $14k on it, so I'd expect trade to be worth around $6k I wouldn't mind paying the difference for a nicer than $6k car. Nothing else really spikes my interests. Manual trans preferred.


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so you deleted the DPF and Asblue system ? just trying to understand what you did,
i just sold mine to a Lady from SC , with slightly less miles , she was also looking at your listing :))
i did my best not to sell her mine and asked her to call you this morning , but she was determined!

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I would deliver it to VA for the right deal and a deposit put down. I have a guy looking into financing if that doesn't work out I will let you know. My credit union is in Newport News and would be convenient to get the title worked out up there.

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Well I own a MK6 Jetta TDI right now so I'm waiting until VW releases an official announcement to current diesel owners. My wife and I need to upgrade the mid/compact sedan to a SUV and since the Jetta is my daily I get to choose what it will be and if I have to lose my TDI daily the SUV HAS to be a TDI at least.

But having said that VW won't officially announce anything until June 20th/21st at the earliest and if they go through with the buy-backs I'm sure they'll take their time/drag their feet with it. I was initially hoping that interest would be low so I could sit and wait, drop a bug in your ear, and ride it out till the VW announcement. But it's a Sapphire blue v6 TDI with air suspension- no way that's going to be available for more than a couple days!
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