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Front diff vent hose

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This thing is dangling loose in the passenger side of the engine bay (left hand drive).
where does this thing plug on the engine side?
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Ok thanks. Anyone with a picture of how it's fitted from the factorY ON THE V6 3.2?
Ok. mine is a V6 3.2. Should be the same setup I guess. Is there a cap on the hose? There is nothing on mine. I don't get the cap idea as it would prevent the venting !!
any volunteers to upload a pic of this breather on the V6 3.2?
I found the part number is 0AA301047M but the picture of the breather on then internet does not look like the hose I have.
Maybe the previous owner replaced it with a standard hose.


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Thanks. looks like the V6 3.2 is different !
Any 3.2 owners?
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