Does anyone have a set of dead headlight assemblies for a 2005 touareg or just the clear lens that is part of the assembly? 2004-2007 use the same headlight assemblies.

We are getting creative to rewire our 2005 touareg with HID headlights after a "friend" took the old headlight set and the new halogen headlights and disappeared with them. It is almost impossible to find them in a salvage yard because they are selling them online for 100+ each even though they are untested (likely have burnt wiring because they all do) and it does not include shipping.

It does not matter if the headlight is a hid/xenon/halogen and nonrepairable since we really just want the lens. I need both the LH and RH.

Please let me know what you have and how much you want for them and if it includes the shipping. Thanks in advance.