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aircooled said:
Try this site. They have some good info on Colorado Trails, as well as GPS coordinates for many trailheads.

Ravensmith, are you Eric Dow from VWVortex? Were you interested in joining us in Colorado this summer? If so, shoot me an email to [at] mac [dot] com.
Yup! That be me. I think I'm on the list already for this summers trip. Chris has been sending me mail at my [email protected] account. After this weekend, I need to insure the wife that we are talking about mainly Fire Trails and dirt stuff. She has NO interest in doing anything like what we did Saturday EVER again :) The pics make it look like it was really tame, but when the Jeepers started banging up rear diffs, and popping tires, I was THANKFULL for the Touaregs recessed components... They were AMAZED at how well this, Unibody Toy did :)
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