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Finally I bought my Touareg R5 TDI in Germany, I found it throught Is a 05/04 Ravennablau, with sunroof, leather, GPS, tint window, cruise control, manual, Nokia hans-free phone....and other options. I will pay 43.000€, I hope is the right price. Is a huge VW dealer near Leipzig and is the owner demo car ( 7.400 km). I will try to send some photos as soon I come back to Barcelona.

Essen motorshow:
I visited this show for business last week, I'm in the Tuning & car accessories business. VW was there with a great booth showing a great W12 Sport in Deepblue color and some Touareg with the Individual desing-paket, the looked great. Also they were introducing a lot of new Siena, Avignon, Casablanca etc.
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