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Again, if you did not see the previous post, I am able to put together a group buy on a kit for the two front doors of the Tuoareg. The kit is computer cut to fit the Touareg exactly. The film used is the LLumar AT 35 Green that was developed in conjunction with VW to exactly match the Touareg's factory tint in the rear. You will have to either install it yourself if you know how, or contact a local tint shop to do the work. Most tint shops will try to persuade you to use another tint or tint the whole vehicle because they do not want to buy an entire roll of the correct Llumar film to tint your Touareg. Why would you want to put any other tint on your baby. This film was designed with VW to be the perfect film for the T-reg. Enough said. The final price on the kit will be $35.00. That price includes shipping via Fed Ex to anywhere in the continental US. Outside of the US orders are welcome, but you must pay the freight. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected] to get the final details. I will likely only be able to get 30 kits, so first come, firts serve. Three people have already commited, so there are only 27 kits left. Do not miss this opportunity to make your T-Reg look perfect.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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