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Hi Treggers

So my 2.5tdi 2004 has been going into LIMP mode recently. When it does happen I do the normal, pull over to kne side switch the engine off and restart to get to my destination.

This morning I decided to have a look. Took out the intake pipes and there's oil but how much is too much ?

Anyway wiped it off replaced the pipes and decided to have a look at the turbo. First thing I noticed is black stains on the intake housing which makes me believe that there's an Exhaust leak that's why it's probably not boosting correctly which in turn in making the turbo work harder.

So I'm guessing.....Exhaust manifold Leak plus turbo seal gone ? I managed to put my finger into the intake side....spun the wheel and it moved freely there also isn't play in the shaft so the core should still be good.

Iv attached some pics...... any advice / opinions would be great 😊

Vehicle now has 403000kms.

2004 Touareg 2.5 TDI
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