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i got a warning in my car today ive checked the manual and everything to figure out what it means "fault running gear workshop" if any one can tell me what this means i would greatly appreciate it thanks.
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most likely this has to do with your air suspension. Our green one had this after about a month of owning it. Our dealer ended up having to replace the entire wiring harness for the air-suspension, it took them about 3 days to fix it including getting the parts.

I will get this notice every once in a long while. I think many of times it is just a faulty sensor or glitch in the system. I turn off the ignition and it goes away. My air suspension works just fine. If it happens often you might have a more serious problem. Probably a leak in the pneumatic system or a faulty position indicator.
Had same problem, but mine as I was leaving the dealer the day I bought it. they will need to contect you to the computer to run diag.

They replaced afaulty sensor in the Air suspension. Dropped off in AM and picked up next AM.
Had the same warning. Of the various causes mine turned out to be a faulty air pump (it apparently had a small air leak within its housing). It was, of course, replaced on warrenty and isn't a problem anymore.
Hey everyone, first time here. My Touareg has the stop running gear fault signal. It was first orange and then it turned red after I started to lower, rise and lock. Just before, the signal appeared I was going pretty fast through some deep puddles splashing the water over the roof. Now the front is blocked in the off road level extra and very stiff as if locked in position with a metal bar. I would really appreciate any help you could provide on this subject.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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