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Extra CD changer sleeves

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Does anyone know where you can get extra disc changer sleeves? I'd just assume have some sorted and switch them out rather try and put in a new disc....just my preference. thx.
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wahoo99 said:
has anyone ventured to relocate their changer in the glove box yet? or under the passenger seat in lieu of the storage bin? Just a thought. Always easier said than done.
My daughters New Beetle has a front-loading 6 disc changer that fits in the center console between the seats. I know the head unit in the NB is the same, whether you have the center-console changer, or the cartridge changer in the trunk. And I know that the trunk mounted changer in the NB is the same as the one in the Touareg. So, in theory, the front-loaded changer would work with the Touareg.

The problem would be getting the wiring harness in place somewhere other than the rear compartment where it is run now. Also, finding a good mounting for it up front where it would be accessible - center console could work, or maybe glovebox, if you can get the harness there.

(BTW: the front loading changer is a $600+ list option from VW. I happened to get a really-really good deal on it for my Daughter, but could probably never get the deal again. Advantages of buying 8 VW's from the same sales manager at the same dealer.)
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