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Extended Warranty

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Greetings All,
I’ve seen earlier posts seeking opinions on purchasing an extended warranty, but nothing recent so soliciting input again. I have a 2016 Lux 3.6 VR6 (gas) with 58K miles. My existing VW Drive Easy Platinum warranty expired this week, so purchased another 48 mo/48K mi. Platinum plan for $4,460. I purchased this vehicle in 2017 w/14K mi. on the odometer, and it has had an easy life, being serviced faithfully by VW. Only non-scheduled maintenance was replacement of power steering rack + pump @ 47,953 miles, costing $2,249 (covered under warranty). Anticipated (possible ?) repairs over next 4 years include drive shaft housing, alternator, A/C compressor, radio/Nav, etc. The drive shaft housing may be covered under the existing 10 YR/100,000 mi. warranty under Drive Train, but VW Care couldn’t confirm this. Love the vehicle, and don’t see anything else on the market that interests me, but repairs are $. Appreciate any feedback from folks that have owned these vehicles longer than I. Thanks Steve
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Like others have mentioned, there is no one answer to fit everyone's situation. The OP spent $2250 on a steering rack that costs $1k new for the part. If you do your own wrenching and maintenance on your vehicle the cost would be your time plus cost of parts. Personally, my time is worth a lot less than $1k for that job since I get value of knowing the work is done by me and I have a better connection with my vehicle. If it was my wife, she would pay the fee for the warranty as she barely knows how to add air to a tire (thankfully she has other redeeming qualities). For major operations, I have a local shop that I trust who can do the work and completes it with astounding quality.

If you are hell bent on adding an extended warranty, you could consider alternative warranty companies and looking at some with a deductible that is a bit higher, then keeping that cash in an account for that deductible. A higher deductible warranty should come with a lower upfront cost.

EDIT: I had a Zurich warranty on my Audi and never had to use it. Great car, but got rid of it to get a Touareg about a week ago to fit my kids in the vehicle.
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