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Extended Warranty

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Greetings All,
I’ve seen earlier posts seeking opinions on purchasing an extended warranty, but nothing recent so soliciting input again. I have a 2016 Lux 3.6 VR6 (gas) with 58K miles. My existing VW Drive Easy Platinum warranty expired this week, so purchased another 48 mo/48K mi. Platinum plan for $4,460. I purchased this vehicle in 2017 w/14K mi. on the odometer, and it has had an easy life, being serviced faithfully by VW. Only non-scheduled maintenance was replacement of power steering rack + pump @ 47,953 miles, costing $2,249 (covered under warranty). Anticipated (possible ?) repairs over next 4 years include drive shaft housing, alternator, A/C compressor, radio/Nav, etc. The drive shaft housing may be covered under the existing 10 YR/100,000 mi. warranty under Drive Train, but VW Care couldn’t confirm this. Love the vehicle, and don’t see anything else on the market that interests me, but repairs are $. Appreciate any feedback from folks that have owned these vehicles longer than I. Thanks Steve
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The centre bearing rubber on the drive / prop shaft is a common failure on Generation 1 cars but not on Generation 2 Touaregs.
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