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Extended Warranty

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Greetings All,
I’ve seen earlier posts seeking opinions on purchasing an extended warranty, but nothing recent so soliciting input again. I have a 2016 Lux 3.6 VR6 (gas) with 58K miles. My existing VW Drive Easy Platinum warranty expired this week, so purchased another 48 mo/48K mi. Platinum plan for $4,460. I purchased this vehicle in 2017 w/14K mi. on the odometer, and it has had an easy life, being serviced faithfully by VW. Only non-scheduled maintenance was replacement of power steering rack + pump @ 47,953 miles, costing $2,249 (covered under warranty). Anticipated (possible ?) repairs over next 4 years include drive shaft housing, alternator, A/C compressor, radio/Nav, etc. The drive shaft housing may be covered under the existing 10 YR/100,000 mi. warranty under Drive Train, but VW Care couldn’t confirm this. Love the vehicle, and don’t see anything else on the market that interests me, but repairs are $. Appreciate any feedback from folks that have owned these vehicles longer than I. Thanks Steve
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I bought the extended warranty after my new car warranty expires on 2018. 3Years Protection at around AUD2400. Car never had any issue. Never claimed in coverage. Recently my parking brake switch is dead and i fixed by myself with some helper from SaVAGeSoot remotely in cost of AUD 88 + future beer claim from SaVAGeSoot.

In short, in my view it is not worth it.
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