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Exhaust System Warning Light

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My exhaust system warning light just came on. :anger: Seems to be driving OK. I guess I'll take it in tomorrow to see if they can figure out what the problem is. Anyone else have this happen??

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derkawall said:
I just had this light come on today in the middle of a good old new england snow storm....figures, I have the treg scheduled to visit the service department wed anyways as the TPMS is screwed up AGAIN! (this will be the 3rd computer since this treg was purchased 07/03)
I am sick of this....want out of the lease.....waiting for response from VW customer be continued! I am expecting it to be a nightmare as usual!
What dealership do you use?

What were the problems with your TPMS?
It's been years and many, many, VW's since I used Atamian, but back then they were horrible. Perhaps they have improved.

I have had very good service at Minuteman VW in Bedford. If Atamian does not come through for you, give Minuteman a shot. There's a very good Touareg tech there.

So, on the TPMS, ar you saying that the Tire menu is gone from the MFI, but you are still getting Tire warnings?
There was a post made on VWVortex about an updated Convienence control module that corrects loss of MFI settings. Look here

Print that info out, and take it to your service department. Fauvaydoc,
the guy who posted it is a Touareg tech, and has posted a bunch of good, and accurate, technical info.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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