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Exhaust System Warning Light

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My exhaust system warning light just came on. :anger: Seems to be driving OK. I guess I'll take it in tomorrow to see if they can figure out what the problem is. Anyone else have this happen??

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I just had this light come on today in the middle of a good old new england snow storm....figures, I have the treg scheduled to visit the service department wed anyways as the TPMS is screwed up AGAIN! (this will be the 3rd computer since this treg was purchased 07/03)
I am sick of this....want out of the lease.....waiting for response from VW customer be continued! I am expecting it to be a nightmare as usual!
Hi Neighbor!
I use Atamian in Tewksbury. They have actually been fine, initially poor service and attitude but they have stepped it up in the last year and I think they are doing what they can with a bad product. I have had problems with this SUV since the beginning....long story involving dead batteries secondary to ?tailgate malfunction, TPMS problems (no access to menu, invalid warnings), transmission malfunction leaving me on route 2/Cambridge in 3rd gear, more recently total power shutdown with keys in ignition/locked out of car---cops to scene of lockout...had to break passgr quarter window to get into vehicle(?compass module malfuntion?), fit and finish issues, and now TPMS menu gone again with tire failure messages, went away after resetting but TPMS menu still missing, now the exhaust warning......those are the highlites..... so this forum has been enlightening. I did not realize how common these problems really are.
I am hoping the dealership will work with me as I am happy with them and willing to try a different product.
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Yes, still warnings, actually the first TPMS warning with this latest computer I was able to get to the tire menu for a quick second then it disappeared.....never to be seen again..... 3 days later the exhaust light is on and there has also been this strange whirring in the the last 2 weeks, but I guess I thought it was the vents opening and closing with the "auto" HVAC....I am always interested to see what they is like a little adventure.....albeit a very expensive and inconvenient adventure!

Thanks for the tip re: Minuteman, I have contacted them before and they were unable to give me a rental (I have a 14 mos old child and we are not able to "wait" for anything) and my husbands work location and hours do not make a drop off feasible (especially with the frequency at which we are at the dealership:)) they were out of the running, but I will keep them in mind in the future. I thought maybe it was because we did not buy the car from them??
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