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Exhaust System Warning Light

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My exhaust system warning light just came on. :anger: Seems to be driving OK. I guess I'll take it in tomorrow to see if they can figure out what the problem is. Anyone else have this happen??

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Dealership unable to diagnose & treat EVAP problems

Last Thursday (eight days ago) I took my V6 TReg to my dealership for a 10K service. The check engine light was on and I brought that to their attention. Turns out they had to keep the car to diagnose the problem (so they rented me a car from Enterprise). First the service people coudn't understand what the code generated by the warning light meant. To get that info they had to call in a VW technician who wasn't even able to get in to look at the car until this Monday. When he did get there the machine they needed was unavailable. Finally the car was diagnosed with an EVAP leak. Yesterday (1 week later) when I stopped by they told me they were trying to find the leak and had no idea when the car would be done. Today I called and the service manager said he was putting a call into a VW regional manager or something, and that my car would not be ready today. Net result, I have been w/o my TReg for over a week and I have no idea when I will be getting it back. So much for my weekend road trip.

To add insult to injury, aside from the first day, nobody at the service center took the initiative to call me to keep me posted. Rather, I had to call them twice a day -- first to check status in the early afternoon and request a call back later in the day, and second to get a status since my call was never returned. One day I called and seemingly no work had been done on the car that day at all -- it just fell through the cracks!

All in all it makes me uneasy to have paid all this money for a new car and having to: 1) be dealing with this stuff so early, and 2) the service centers apparent complete lack of customer service skills. I mean, outside of the Phaeton (which I haven't seen too many of on the road), the TReg is VW's highest end car. Shouldn't it's owners be treated accordingly? Mind you, I don't blame the car -- love it -- I just think the service infrastructure at my dealership isn't quite ready to handle Touareg problems.
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I would be kinda pissed if it was the gas cap. I think they're using a emmissons testing machine and it's still indicating a leak. But then, what do I know.
So finally the service center was able to find the source of the leak -- the gas tank. Turns out they haev to replace it so the part is ordered and due in a couple of days. With any luck (I'm no holding my breath) I'll have the TReg back for this weekend.
Surpris, surprise. I still don't have my TReg back. After ordering the gas tank (and somehow not ordering the screws needed to mount it), they finally put the new tank in and ... surprise, surprise ... it had a leak too. They ordered another one which hasn't come in yet. As of tomorrow it will be 3 weeks w/o the car. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it back.
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