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Everything We Know About Volkswagen’s New 3-Row SUV

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Volkswagen’s new three row SUV has been spied testing and previews the German automaker’s next major model. Volkswagen is getting ready to bolster its SUV and crossover lineup, and this mysterious new model is the first step.

Here’s what we know about it:

It’s an Important Model
The Volkswagen Midsize SUV — that’s what VW PR wants us to call it — is the brand’s attempt at a big, family SUV for the U.S. market. That’s important to them, because up until now, the Tiguan and the Touareg haven’t quite been doing the trick. Both are oddly sized and priced high in their segments, and as a result haven’t seen the success in America that VW was hoping for.

With its new seven-seater SUV, VW is looking to compete with products like the Honda Pilot, the Dodge Durango, the Mazda CX-9, and others of that ilk. So, bigger than both the Tiguan and the Touareg.

Three Rows of Seats
In size and shape, it’s a much more traditional SUV and will also have three rows of seats with seating for seven. The volume hasn’t been revealed officially yet, but VW says it wants the cargo capacity to be competitive in its segment. The second and third row seats will fold down to give drivers a flat surface all the way to the front seats.

Typical Engine Options
Engines are pretty standard fare for VW. The recent spy pictures show a V6, but a four cylinder will also be available. We expect that the four-pot will be the same 2.0L turbo that currently furnishes the Tiguan with 200 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque and the 3.6L V6 FSI to be the one that gives the Touareg 280 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. It’s pretty safe to assume there won’t be a diesel option in North America, but a hybrid isn’t out of the question.

Power will be sent to the front wheels with the option to get a 4Motion all-wheel-drive version, too.

Volkswagen have been tight-lipped about pricing, but they have said that it will be competitive within the segment.

It Won’t be a Jeep
Unlike the Touareg, the Midsize SUV isn’t interested in cultivating an aura off-road capability. Instead, it will be more of a family car. The type of thing you drive to the woods, rather than into them.

It Might be Called the Teramont
Volkswagen haven’t officially attached a name to Midsize SUV yet. Internally they call it the 'B SUV,' but the name that’s been floating around the internet is 'Teramont.'

Word has it that VW wanted the name to be easy for North Americans to pronounce, and will be named specifically for our market.

We still prefer Biguan (pronounced big-won) for Big Tiguan.

It Will be Unveiled this Fall
All will officially be revealed this November at the L.A. Auto Show. Full production will begin around the same time in Chattanooga.

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