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Hope someone here can shed some light on the attached error messages that came up during dealers failed attempt to program a new key for my 2012 Touareg.

Dealer service center said they could not program the key (it was purchased thru their service center) because of the attached error messages saying they'd never seen before. They scheduled me to come back and pay for a diagnostics as well as the key programming. Sounded ominous.

Prior to buying the car 2 months ago, I had a pre-purchase inspection done by a reputable German car mechanic shop. The only thing they said was the car would need new brake pads and to watch for the indicator light. I have an appt to take car back to this shop to see if owner can program the new key and wanted to get a better understanding of the issues before I talk to the mechanic.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond!



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