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Good Afternoon,
I'm new to "THE CLUB" but I am a 2013 TOUAREG owner. It's been a wonderful go anywhere machine but, I'm having issues with both the up and down operation/position of the rear hatch. It just started to have a mind of it's own about a month ago.
Sometimes it opens flawlessly to the top position that I "programed" by holding the button and getting the three beeps and yet other times it pops open and moves to a random position. Same thing on the way down. I have removed the inner plastic liner and exposed the components.
Does anyone know if there is a controlling component like a mercury switch or ????? I've cleaned and lubed the lift cylinders without making a difference.
BTW I've got 131,000 miles on it.
Thanks in advance for any advice you may have to diagnose or correct this.
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