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'14 TDI Execline
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I LOLd at first, but he may be onto something.....

SSP said:
Excessive force detection system
The rear lid control system specifies a nominal speed to the spindle drives and sends the actual speed back into the spindle drives via Hall sensors. Deviations between the nominal and actual speed are evaluated by an algorithm. If sluggishness is detected, the speed is readjusted. If trapping is detected during closing, the rear lid moves back by approx. 10°. If trapping is detected during opening, the rear lid stops.
So based on that, I'd make sure the hinges and everything is well lubricated.
You could probably also find some related MVBs to monitor in VCDS to see if you are getting weird fluctuations.
Replacement (or reconditioning if possible) of the struts may be your last option.
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