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2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI R-Line
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Hey all, I'm probably just going to end up at VW for this, but my 2014 TDI R-Line surges when shifting from 4-5th gear only. It happens the first time, but then is normal after that regardless of whether or not the car is up to temp or cold.


Cold start in morning, first go through of the gears and the engine jumps a few hundred RPM before settling into 5th gear.

Hot start after sitting for a few minutes, engine will surge a few hundred RPM again from 4-5th gear.

However, once it's gone through all the gears once it won't do it again until the car has been turned off and restarted. Is this a programming issue or a mechanical issue? I don't have any lights or codes, and don't have a VCDS to check anything either.
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