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Hi all, thanks for your help with all my other Touareg issues. I am nearly there now with getting it in good order. Here is my latest query.

I keep getting the engine management light coming on and when read with a generic code reader pulls up the code p0016. Now i have tried to read past problems and assumed the worse that it was the cam chain although there is no tell tale signs of chain stretch and the engine sounds quite as a mouse. I have changed the upper tensioner for a new VW item but the problem still persists with the light. There is no noise from the engine etc etc assosiated with stretch. The light only ever comes on when you start the car within the first 3-4 seconds. It sometimes turns itself off too. It never comes on while the vehicle is being driven. If i erase the code it might not come on for 3 days.

Anyone had anything similar?

thanks again
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