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Hi Everyone,

The past five months I have been running into trouble with the pipe leading to/from the EGR valve. It breaks at the exact same spot in the same manner.
The two volkswagen dealers I have brought the car to have been unable/unwilling to do a rootcause analysis and come up with an explanation why the pipe keeps breaking.
The first pipe lasted 295.000 kilometers, the repair on that one about 5000km and the new pipe (third breakdown) also only 5000km.

What could be potential causes and are there any solutions? any help would be much appreciated.

2005 2.5 TDI Touareg

Situations when it occurred:
It has happened once while accelerating onto the highway ramp (approx 90km/h), once in an urban zone (50 km/h) and last time while driving 150 km/h on the highway.




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If you don't have emission laws there just blank it off with a plate.

Delete the EGR cooler as well.

That T-piece that feeds the cooler gets brittle at your mileage. Replace it now!!
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