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Ok, I know many have taken the OEM roof racks off their T1s, and replaced them with Cayenne roof rails. Of course OEM ones are difficult to come by, but what about the Ebay knock-offs?

Search didn't bring back any solid reviews, so I just said screw it and figured I'd find out for myself.

I can report that they are pretty OK for the price.

I picked up these (03 10 Porsche Cayenne Roof Rack Rail Side Mount Bar Kit Black Direct Replacement | eBay).

They arrived 2 or 3 days ahead of schedule which is always appreciated.

What you get:

2 bars, 6 feet, 2 allen keys, 6 rubber stopper thingys.

My primary concern was build quality as these are obviously from China, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are weighty and feels solid. The feet are also aluminium and quite sturdy. I was worried they'd be plastic, but no problems there.

Install was really straight forward, but I'd suggest a rubber mallet, WD-40, and a flat head screw driver along with the supplied allens (I used my allen socket set which made it a bit easier, but if you don't have any don't worry).

The feet each have 2 different allen screws in them. One accessible from the side (secures foot to rail), one from the top (secures rail to car).

Loosening the top allen takes pressure off the silver base plate so they can slide down the track. Even then they probably will get caught up somewhere in the track because the tolerances aren't exact (they're Chinese knock-offs remember) This is where the mallet and WD-40 come in. Just a few quick taps and they'll move right on in.

Lining them up is as simple as moving them under the 3 points on the rail then carefully lifting it off and tightening them down.

All done!

Took about 30 minutes to install, and a substantial upgrade over the stock setup. Once I get my Aerobars over the weekend I'll take some shots with the roof box on.

I give the product a solid B+. They aren't perfect if you're looking over them with a microscope, but definitely get the job done.
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