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If you’re like me, the stock speakers in your T1 are long gone.
I set out looking for replacement options only to learn there aren’t any speaker mounting adapters or rings made for these cars for some odd reason. Out of the 15+ VW’s I have owned, this is the first to ever give me trouble about speaker replacement.
I did quite a bit of research on this forum, and they all end the same with having custom mounts made by an audio shop or via a DIY route. Since I only paid $1000 for my V8 Touareg I am trying to keep it a budget build and have been extremely successful so far.
Since I did not want to go through the process of making custom adapters to go from the rather large factory 8.5 inch(ish) speakers to aftermarket 6.5’s so I set out on a mission to find a suitable adapter that I could modify to make work with our cars. After MANY failed attempts, I finally found a replacement.

The answer is Metra 82-7501 Speaker Plates for Mazda vehicles. Mazda also uses a large speaker in their cars, and these brackets were able to be modified to work in my T1. The whole process only took me about ten minutes once I had my door panels off.
I’m not going to go through the process of how to remove the door panels or factory speakers as its beven covered many times, for the speakers just drill the rivets out.
After removing my factory speakers I figured the best way to mount the new ones would be RivNuts that way if I ever needed to take them off again, they’ll simply just unscrew. I used M5 RivNuts to replace mat factory rivets.

Now - lets get down to business…

I took a piece of paper and marked out where my factory holes were so I could transfer them onto cardboard. I punched holes in the cardboard to make sure the holes actually lined up perfectly. I would rather put holes in cardboard and it not line up, than drill holes in my bracets and not have them line up..


So after making sure my template was perfect, I transferred it onto the adapter ring making sure that everything was centered and not hitting any of the “support“ plastic. I then drilled new holes (as marked in the photos). After drilling I did a dry fit to make sure they lined up, one was slightly off so i just made the hole a little bigger with my drill bit and got everything to fit like it should.


Now, the next dilemma is the mounting tabs on the adapters, I didnt take a clear photo of them to show this so I’m using a stock photo. In order to clear the door panel you’ll need to cut these four mounting tabs off the speaker adapter. Its not super strong plastic so I just used a little hand saw so I didn’t have to break out my Dremel Tool. Cut along where marked in red and get rid of these tabs.


After the mounting tabs have been cut, you should be good to go installing your aftermarket speakers.
I attached the brackets to the door panels using short M5 screws, and attached the speaker to the adapter using just a coarse philps head screw. I also grabbed some wiring adapters off Amazon so I did not have to cut into the factory door harness. Here is everything once mounted. These are the PERFECT depth for my rather large 6.5” speakers.

I really hope this can be of help to someone wanting to replace their blown speakers without having to go through the process of having totally custom mounts made.
I searched and searched for info on something like this and never came up with anything. Nobody likes to mention how they got theirs mounted so that’s why I made this DIY.

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Thanks for this, I will be looking at this in more detail soon.

What I really want to see is a full 3-way set that will fit in factory locations.
The door speaker size should allow for a good low end.
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