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Driver's side headlight won't lock

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I had to change the driver's side turning bulb, and noticed the tab doesn't lock. Seems the plastic broke at some point with the previous owner.

I'm assuming the tab is to stop the light housing from being pushed in, which can now be done at any time. Is there a quick fix for this?
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Never thought of zipties. Any thoughts placement? We're getting some freezing rain then snow, so i'll try to secure this tomorrow.
To be honest I think I have only read about them on here several times but not seen any photos.

I've have a trawl . . .
I can do the same. Cheers!
Only words so far!

You just need to make such there is a good solid connection between the male pins in the back of the headlight unit and the female sockets in the fixed block that the headlight unit mates with as it slides closed.
Everything works fine, no errors or bulb codes. Daily driving causes the lens house to shift, which i want to avoid. I'll have a better look during the week, see if i can secure it with some zip ties.
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