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Well it has been quite a journey with me and my Touareg. I feel I've taken pretty good care of her and she has certainly returned the favor. I'm just a shade under 150k miles now and she's still running strong and smooth.

For the record (who knows if it matters): Pentosin 5W40 and WIX filters. Definitely braking got a lot quieter and less dust-inducing when I ditched the OEM pads and went with ceramics.

Only persistent pain has been the center drive shaft that seems to like to go out about every 60k miles. That's a serious design issue that runs about $1500 a crack. But there is a local drive line shop around here that thinks he's a few months away from a permanent design fix (basically get rid of the bushing in the middle and just go to a solid shaft). He says he thinks it'll be popular since he fixes 3-4 of these bad bushings per month. I may sign up to try that out when it's ready. I do plan to keep the car longer, it is running so smoothly and well.

But now to the point of my post: I have absolutely squashed my poor driver's seat in all this time.

I so infrequently have a passenger that I considered just swapping the left seat pad for the right one (which is still like new) but they are different part numbers so don't want to take it all the way apart to find out why the part numbers are different.

I see that I can get the replacement foam for a little under $200 online (OEM part) and might go that way, but might also just let a local upholstery shop that has a great reputation give it a shot. Just wondering if anyone else has come to this point, how you solved it, and how your chosen solution has worked out.

Appreciate any tips/advice.

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