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Just replaced my driver-side door window buttons. It wasn't too complicated of a job, but it's definitely a two-person job for ease of swapping out the peeling window buttons (which comes as one entire part) and replacing with a new one from VW.

Time spent: about 40 minutes.

You have to remove the door panel, remove the door handle release wire, disconnect the port that powers the door buttons and window buttons and peel back part of the door insulation to get to the clips that hold the window buttons in place. Popping anything out without first removing the door panel is disastrous and will result in breaking the trim piece that the window button sit in.

No disconnection of battery is needed although a vag com of the car is probably a good idea afterwards to cure any codes that are thrown as a result of replacing the window button. I put the door panel back on (using the same door clips that came with the car) and all works fine with the brand new window buttons.:D

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