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Please send me a private message, email [email protected] or call 1-888-756-3014
Thanks for looking


Drive Shaft Clamping Center Support (DSCCS) by EPS
PERMANENTLY Fix your faulty Drive Shaft in Minutes!!
Unsurpassed Quality, Fit and Function!
Vertex Has SOLVED the Cayenne, Touareg & Q7 Drive Shaft dilemma
Patent Pending - Made in the USA - FREE SHIPPING!
Porsche Cayenne, Cayenne S & Turbo (2003-10)
Volkswagen VW Touareg All (2004-2010)
Audi Q7 All (2007-10)
**New: FREE Updated Rubber Flex Disc Included **

The innovative Drive Shaft Clamping Center Support (DSCCS) by EPS & is the only true Permanent fix to premature bearing support failures. This Patent-Pending device was developed by our team of technicians whom over the course of 2 years were able to create what is now the end-all solution to failing Bearing Supports.
The Clamping Center Support is the ONLY device that can be installed without removing the Drive Shaft from the vehicle or without requiring the disassembly of the Drive Shaft. Why is this so important?

1) By not having to disassemble the Drive Shaft means that NO re-balancing of the shaft is required. All other methods of Bearing Support replacement require this expensive and lengthy procedure. Failure to balance the once disassembled Drive Shaft would result in major vibrations.

2) Our Clamping Bearing Support installs easily to your Drive Shaft, using basic household tools, in less than an hour. This is a Do-it-Yourself repair that will save you very costly repair bills and unnecessary time down. Should you choose to have a professional install it, the labor times will be much less than Drive Shaft replacement or any other method of repair.

The cause of the premature Drive Shaft Support failure is a direct result of too much continuous stress imposed upon the rubber in the mount. This is more the product of the Drive Shaft design than the quality of the rubber material in the mount. Unfortunately, by merely replacing the Bearing Support with another similar rubber mount you can expect much of the same results experienced with the factory rubber mount.

There is only One certain and definite fix.

The EPS Drive Shaft Clamping Center Support for the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg & Audi Q7 takes a completely different approach in solving this, all too common, problem. Getting away from the proven failure-prone solid rubber vibration dampener, we instead use multiple, hollow Silicone Pods. This design is much better equipped to withstand the constant compressing and stretching forces generated while in use. The silicone material also does a much better job of handling the heat and atmospheric conditions located under your vehicle. Even better, although we have over Two Years of use on our test vehicle and the DSCCS is still functioning flawlessly, in the rare event that any of the Pods on the DSCCS fail, they are very easily replaced in minutes.

Key Benefits

• Permanently repairs the notorious bearing support
• DIY installation - typically in under one hour using household tools
• No need to remove or disassemble your current Drive Shaft
• No need to re-balance your Drive Shaft
• No need to send in your faulty Drive Shaft
• No core charges
• Patent-Pending design
• Will pay for itself in labor & shipping costs

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500$?? Too much, I can buy and replace 5-6 bearings on mine for that what gives me 500kilometers with it, and probably 20 years. If I will still be alive.

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2 hours, no more.. If the bearing was 150-200$ I would try it.. But 500$ is just too much.. It seems to be a good updated design, but again to expensive..

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If you take your vehicle to a dealer they will want to replace the whole drive shaft which is about $1100 (dealer in Canada - $1400) plus 2-3 hours labour. This item solves the design flaw in the carrier bearing that causes it to fail in the first place and can be installed in about 45 minutes.

Anyway, $500 is less than what we paid for it since there was duty bringing it into Canada (I believe we paid close to $680CDN all in but it was a while ago), so this deal is for Canadians out there who are looking to already purchase this part from EPS and I'm offering free shipping by Purolator in Canada! Will accept offers.

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Just finished installing mine after OEM failure at 91K. I bought 3 years ago ($559) when it was branded Vertex. Did it in the driveway with air suspension on extra level. I feel this work is best done by a fairly skilled wrench as there were a couple issues requiring some thought, the most challenging being avoiding cross-threading of the short 6mm bolts securing the outside of the halves. This required wedging of the upper half to line up its threads with the holes in the lower half. I also spent a lot of time and 3 razor blades shaving the ballbearing down to the metal, something that may not be absolutely necessary judging from what appeared to be a fairly loose fit into the Vertex shell.
Here is my timeline:
10' to remove bracket and cut off old hanger with Dremel tool disc.
60' shaving rubber off bearing (see note avove)
approx. 60' trying to get short 6mm's threaded straight in, long ones are easy. I'm not into cross-threading!
15' to centralize vertex in tunnel with feeler gauge. (1mm clearance on each side means its hard to misalign but easy to get vibration if unit shifts when torquing mounting bolts.
Results: perhaps a bit noisier than original. The jury is still out on this as I must wait til I get out on the desert to get the feel of it at 100 mph or so.
At least I know the thing will not fail again. The rubber on that original is sooo thin.
Did my old 95 Audi dshaft last year for a noisy bearing and the OEM rubber was much heavier and in such good shape I managed to reuse it.
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