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Hello fellow users,

I come from the far far land of oldschool BMWs. E30s if any of you are familiar. I'm not new to using forums for information as the BMW e30 community is full of helpful sources and people so I knew when I finally decided to buy something other than an E30 I was going to use whatever forum source I could find. Well here I am. I am a recent graduate from Auburn University and have made the big jump into something a little more comfortable. I have been driving E30s since I got my license because theyre cheap and I know them like the back of my hand.

Anyways, I recently purchased a Silver 08 Touraeg V8 with the sienna interior and 75k miles. Yes I got a warranty as well. Ive had my eyes on these cars for a long time. They seem like very unsuspecting vehicles that can do much more than one would think. Like many others who look into buying these used, I was worried about the problems and issues others report having. I'm sure some of you are thinking maybe it wasn't smart of a recent college graduate to invest into a car that isn't exactly budget friendly. I'm well aware that its a premium car that comes with premium maintenance costs. My catch is that after doing extensive research on these cars consistently reading through peoples experiences before pulling the trigger on one I came to the conclusion that my mechanical abilities can cover a lot of the issues people report of. I'm a big DIY guy. I dont prefer to take my car to mechanics for certain reasons. I enjoy working on my own car. I hope to provide as much information as best as I can if I run into any issues. I haven't been doing very well in making write ups on the BMW forums when I fix things (it's hard to stop and take pictures when there is over 20 years of dirt and grime all over you) so I'm making it a point to try and provide information here.

Sorry for no pics. I'll take some eventually.

-Tony G
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