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Hi all.

Im 'downgrading' my headlights on the touareg t1 2004 v8 model.

Im going from bi-xenon headlights to normal halogen with DE-lens (see attached picture)
The new headlights is fitted with LED bulbs and resistors and i've tested these, superb light output!

I replaced the cables from the headlight mount to the headlight; 1j0973837

With VCDS in cent. elect. i coded the headlights with -128 (from xenon headlight to none)

I dont get any light output.

I was wondering, if any of you guys could help with wiring diagram, so i can solder the wiring correct? I need diagram of the wiring for both the xenon model and non xenon

and secondly would you decode from xeonon to non-xenon? I guess that has something to say about the wiring/soldering job im about to do :)

Why am i doing this?

The bi-xenon lights are totally done. I've read a lot of topics about bad light output, and its not the scratched glass, but the lens itself that goes bad, and i had zero succes by restoring them (new bulbs, polished lens, polished glass). A new set of bi xenon headlights is about 1000 USD, and i've got the other set for approx 300 USD

Thank you, best regards


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