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[Sorry for the double post, but the prior post title didn't really convey my problem and I don't know how to edit it.]

Last year I bought an 04 Treg V8. At some point in its past, apparently the prior owner replaced the entire driver door handle assembly with a used one. Naturally, the key cylinder on the used door handle does not match the ignition key cylinder. I found this out the hard way, when the remote battery died and the key, though it fit in the lock cylinder, would not open the door. I do think it's important to have a key backup in case the remote system doesn't work (or the vehicle battery goes completely flat). I see several options, and would like to know if they are possible and their relative cost:

1) Buy an entirely new set of lock cylinders and replace them all. [Most expensive option; really do not want to do this.]

2) Have the dealer find out the original key identification (either from the VIN or examining the key), and order a new door key cylinder that matches the ignition key (i.e., the original door lock cylinder pattern)

3) Have the existing door lock cylinder rekeyed to work with the ignition key. (Probably a locksmith job).

4) Get a locksmith to cut a new key for the existing door lock cylinder.

5) Get the dealer to cut a new key for the door using the lock cylinder serial number.

6) Buy a new door lock cylinder, with a new key of course.

I would think to do #5, and possibly #4, I would need the key cylinder ID number for the (replaced) door handle. Are they viewable?
In the alternative, can a dealer/locksmith, by examining the existing ignition key, figure out what needs to be done to rekey the door lock or buy a new conforming door lock? The first three options have everything working on the same key; Nos. 4 - 6 require a second key be carried at all times.

Thanks for any help/advice,

'06 Treg V8 124k
'04 Treg V8 61k

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Did you put new batteries in the key? When I replace key batteries, the remote does not have to be re-matched to open remotely.

Don't you want the door key to work in the ignition?

I would try for #2, so the ignition matches the door. I'll bet VW will say you have to do #1.

If you can't buy a matching cylinder, I would go for #3. Not sure if a locksmith can modify the cylinder, but these guys can be pretty crafty.

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YES - a local locksmith can change the existing key cylinder in the door to match your existing key! #3 on your list.
That's probably the easiest option. Dealership could not do this and mine cost about $75 to do.

Make sure you find a locksmith that does the flat car keys - they'll be familiar with how these cylinders work.

They can also cut a duplicate that would be able to open the door and the glove box, but not start the car. Handy for when you lock the keys inside, but not so much if you lose the ignition key.
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