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Does anyone know what this symbol means?

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I bought my 2011 Touareg and it make with a set of 20" rims and can't tell if they are VW or Porsche or a repo but do have a center cap that is Porsche. They have the same mark/symbol as my OEM VW rims and I can't seem to find a part number or anything that tells me. It's the upper most viewable image on the rib. Porsche rim here.


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A combo of the stamped ET (offset) nnumber and no VW part number cast in says "aftermarket" to me.
I have seen that top symbol on VW rims before. That coupled with the fact that a Porsche center cap fits. Tells me that it is most likely a Porsche wheel as they have there own specific center cap bore. Since you have Porsche center caps it is most likely not a reproduction because they usually sell them with a generic center cap due to copy right. Not to mention Porsche charges an exorbitant price for their center caps. So i doubt someone would go out of their way to buy Porsche center caps to go on a Touareg.
Have you ever seen a modern OEM Porsche wheel without a part number? I never have.

That cold stamped (after casting) ET 45 screams aftermarket. That symbol ("JWL"), based on quick internet research, is the Japanese equivalent of the TUV or DOT certification.

"JWL" stamp on alloy wheels | Cartype
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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