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Do you still wonder why NA lost the Touareg?

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Here's a fine example... ran across these while looking for something else.....

We, the consumers, told them loud and clear that we didn't like it!
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Like it was stated earlier they just weren't marketed very well here past the T1. I can go weeks driving through my area and never spot a touareg of any generations but q7s and cayennes are everywhere. Just yesterday there was 3 cayenne and an rsq8 in the same lot at the grocery store. Plus there was always the image issue of a 50k-60k VW and people just weren't about spending that money.

I've had my eyes off and on at an ID4 and even a tesla to off set some costs and using it for my work commute only because we get free charging at work it's the only way I can justify it because at the end of the day they are a lifeless thing to drive.
You nailed it with your last sentence, perception is key it's why in the 80s and 90s the Japanese automakers created luxury brands for the north American market that weren't everywhere else because they knew they couldn't sell a "luxury" vehicle under their names in the US. It's part of the reason we don't get certain base model bmw and mercedes vehicles. Profits and perception. VW tried, I wish they were successful cause the current generation is so good looking and a v8 tdi gets me right in the feels and the wallet.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts