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Do you still wonder why NA lost the Touareg?

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Here's a fine example... ran across these while looking for something else.....

We, the consumers, told them loud and clear that we didn't like it!
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Touareg love aside, their decision to more broadly compete in the NA SUV segment - from a volume/unit POV - worked.

Outside of the dopey LED eyebrow DRL issue, at 110000 miles I'm hoping to put off getting a replacement for some time still. My guess right now is that my next Touareg will say Q8 or Q7 on the tailgate.

Side note: Was regaling a buddy unfamiliar with VW about how my 2013/2016 TDIs once put an extra $14K + of settlement dollars and warranty into my pocket. Those were the good times!
It does suck they stopped selling them here, but in all fairness they neutered it first with the 2011 on…so not missing much.
My first 2005 T1 had diff locker, air suspension...all the tricks....sweet Reed Green paint even. I get what you're saying.

IMHO, though, the 'neutered' 2011-2017 delivered a big improvement to the platform. Quieter, better handling, roomier, a relatable diesel. No 4X motion, no air, no piano hinge rear seats...but in simplicity, I think VW delivered much better reliability.

The T1 was an amazing, unique vehicle.....SUV of the year even....that - in my experience was also a POS that left me stranded three times. At 11k miles, I'd had enough. Hell, the shop even REMOVED the engine once to fix whatever (typing this just triggered that memory) . In the end, VW rewarded my patience with a sweet 'equity transfer' deal that put me into a later build 2005.

They got the second one right. I put 125000 miles on it (thank you VW Driver warranty purchased thru this site from a kid in NJ) before trading it in on a 2013 TDI Exec. 36000 miles later, I flipped that in on my current 2016 TDI Exec.

Soooo....mileage may vary....but 135000 T1 miles v 145000 "T3" miles has me tipping my hat to the later models in terms of performance reliabily and value.

I always considered the Touareg to be an Audi Q6....slotting between the Q5 and Q7.
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