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Do you still wonder why NA lost the Touareg?

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Here's a fine example... ran across these while looking for something else.....

We, the consumers, told them loud and clear that we didn't like it!
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Touareg was under marketed. Nobody still has heard of them-people in my neighborhood ask me about mine when I am out and mine are 15 and 16 years old.

It does suck they stopped selling them here, but in all fairness they neutered it first with the 2011 on…so not missing much.

We own two plus an Atlas and that Atlas is boring and only has BIG going for it. We own one because we have six in our family and that does t work with a Touareg. So while it is boring we love ours.

The Scout will be interesting…I am a member on their forum and it is an interesting approach they have to develop a vehicle with being so open and asking for feedback directly from folks. It is to be a proper ladder frame chassis which is pretty cool and they did mention lifting will be easy which also is interesting…both of these points from the Scout official source…not hearsay.

I have been riding them to add a range extended or something for remote off grid charging. That way one could camp and use the power and charge for return…but so far just not feeling listened too there on that. Try charging in a power outage or heating your home without natural gas in a power outage. These “green” people just want money and control and are not actually doing anything positive or moving the world forward…pure greed.

One thing is for sure: I am glad we own early gen Touaregs we got when they were newish. Best vehicle ever made in my opinion.
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