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DIY: V10 Teardown and Rebuild - Repair of the distribution of a Touareg V10 [Frex]

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Hi all,

New to this forum I come Frex,

I love beautiful mechanical rachetter just a Touareg V10 stuck,

My hobby is the mechanics, I just finished a Porsche Boxster and now I am delighted to put together what V10.

I will used the opportunity to share with you this restoration,

I just started removing pictures here,

Deposited using a motor truck with a pallet made hand, but if you can!,
a technique that I was already using it with my classic Porsche 911.

Everything is oversized on this engine,

weight, volume and the place it takes.

Manufacturing a lifting bar on the separation steps to prepare motor / box

Removing the cylinder head first in search of the crash.

Pinion loose in the eyes of the cylinder head!
No doubt a pinion sold in the housing
the reason the time is still imprésise!

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My server documentation:
Login : visiteur
Mdp : vw

Is this still working? Couldn't get in :(
Ok, must be work PC then :mad:

Frex, if I ever need them, will you rent me the special tools?

Pas parler Francais, ici la traduction google..

Grande rédiger et beaucoup de photos, post fantastique :dance:

Si jamais je besoin d'eux, vous me louer les outils spéciaux? Je suis à Barcelone, Espagne ;)

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1 - 3 of 124 Posts
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