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DIY: V10 Teardown and Rebuild - Repair of the distribution of a Touareg V10 [Frex]

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Hi all,

New to this forum I come Frex,

I love beautiful mechanical rachetter just a Touareg V10 stuck,

My hobby is the mechanics, I just finished a Porsche Boxster and now I am delighted to put together what V10.

I will used the opportunity to share with you this restoration,

I just started removing pictures here,

Deposited using a motor truck with a pallet made hand, but if you can!,
a technique that I was already using it with my classic Porsche 911.

Everything is oversized on this engine,

weight, volume and the place it takes.

Manufacturing a lifting bar on the separation steps to prepare motor / box

Removing the cylinder head first in search of the crash.

Pinion loose in the eyes of the cylinder head!
No doubt a pinion sold in the housing
the reason the time is still imprésise!

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in fact I found a site in Poland or parts are really cheap,

VW's price distribution module only 5000 € ht! Used to find € 252 shipping included!

One would think that distribution is based solid pinion must think not!

On this first slide with no trace of shock valves, this is a good sign.

To follow the second cylinder head to check.

Here are pictures of the state of the right cylinder head,
we see that the injector and glow plug are spared
some valves are blocked in their homes and in the hydraulic pourssoirs.
I'll see if a little box on Alforville me again.
I would like to keep mine as far as possible.

Removing alternator injection pump, diesel oil filter,

Handmade tool for 360 ° rotation seen in the last setting out the fluid coupling,

Finally sufficiently aligned for removal!

Here it is finally the distribution module is the central gable of the large nut that broke, who knows why?

Well looks like the teeth of the crankshaft has not suffered too much!

Then I removed the sump oil in search of scrap metal,
well I was not disappointed, there were a few pieces and hegemonically big to stay on the bottom of the oil.

Y has to provide the cleaning!

Receipt this morning of Poland's distribution module 07Z109353E of 2007
some parts of this version have been improved compared to my 2003 version
as lubrication pipes that are substantially larger.
to be continued ....
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I look at the documentation for the timing of the distribution module in view of the rest and curiously,
the doc says the timing of the upper part, lower left but not right lower
while I find the same type of graduation mark on the sprocket (red arrow)?

It seems that the timing is symmetrical but when in doubt I ask?

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Hi, not sure what this is useful because setting the module distribution occurs well before the replacement of the two heads?

Here is the valve timing on a V10 Touareg AYH:

Here the timing of the distribution module part of a V10 Touareg AYH:

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Well I returned the engine to attack from below the end of deposition of the distribution module
retirrer and the connecting rod and piston hs, I want to check the crankshaft passage.

The famous light that removes the attachments of hydraulic coupling!

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Preparation of removing the oil pump:

The oil pump:

Removing the lower intermediate housing:

Some remains of filings! :

Removing the plastic card inside:

Removing the distribution module and explore the state of the crankshaft sprocket:

For the balance shaft:

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Removing the piston HS:


crashed during the shock of the valve:


chamber liner or indeme
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Opening the module distrubution to see the origin of the case:

Recovery of all pieces of the broken central pinion:

Teeth of the crankshaft very slightly affected:

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Dismantling and cleaning of the oil pump in search of filings,


and laid bare cylinder head for its repair,

injector pump + wiring, glow plugs,
common rail, hydraulic tappets, camshaft bearing caps.

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these are my eyes and there are buttons that have suffered?

Yes indeed they are marked by the camshaft, driven and blocked in some valves, it's to hurt here!

The breech part in Alforville for analysis, I await the verdict!

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Replacing the new module distribution and timing,
Cylinder No. 1 in TDC (PMH)


shaft sprocket and drive the oil pump,

Unbalance and balancing gear oil pump,

The crankshaft timing,

Timing of the two camshaft sprockets, with a little white to see them better,
then, Ras rotation test!

Alignments highlighted in red,

Cylinder head portion for correction to follow,
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Here are the various control points to monitor during the delivery
in place of the distribution module.

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Today I put in a state oil pump.
After I completely disassembled the filings remaining research
and I nettoiel'ensemble to diesel, then I dry with compressed air.

We must look everywhere or can hide this famous filings at risk
view réaparaitre at the wrong time!

Then I used a diamond file to correct the imperfections caused by the filings
on the movement of the gears.

Here the surface of the pump gear before correction,

Using oil on sandpaper 240 I resurfaced
rotatably the pinion,


are the results!

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Then begins the reassembly per floor, it has 4.
On each floor mounted, it is necessary to check the movement of all
of parts to detect any hard spots.


the test oil to check the operation.
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Finalization of testing the fuel pump assembly, and cleaning the screen.

And cleaning the oil filter support and its heat exchanger.

And restoration of the broken rib timing cover by the idler gear.

Finally, always cleaning, engine cases and different drying.

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I expect my piston and cylinder head which is my serviceable and is being restored, to continue the assembly.

Regarding the timing of the distribution this time to come, I made contact with my VAG who kindly sent stroll!
I love this type of behavior under the guise of responsibility they want to settle there the same distro do I rent the equipment to do it!

So I fall back on the purchase of tools specific to these settings, I found a site in Germany about 300 € all.

In this way I will have no thank you to VAG.

Here are the tools for neccessaires valve timing:

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Well, it's fine I continued my cleaning until my pieces,

The diesel [fuel] oil filter bracket,

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Reception tonight in my head restaured, change valves, seats, guides, lifters,
before and after verification of the sealing at 100 °, to recharge the welding holes and resurfacing,
Finally check the camshaft, cost € 980

And also reception of my piston Poles, copy of mine but in perfect condition cost € 100!

Well I'll start reassembling after ordering all joints.
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I go back the piston Poles used,

A quick compressor segment and is threaded into the piston
tapping and by greasing the room beforehand,
is monitored at the same time that the connecting rod which is set up on the landing,
then the connecting rod cap is based in the tightening torque.

Once set up you spin the motor to check that there is no hard point.

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Okay now I can rest the bottom of the engine,
the two oil sumps, oil pump last and plastic covers

Replacing the two guides of oil "Orange" and clips,

Finally based hule main sump,

We can now return the engine to read ....

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