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DIY: V10 Teardown and Rebuild - Repair of the distribution of a Touareg V10 [Frex]

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Hi all,

New to this forum I come Frex,

I love beautiful mechanical rachetter just a Touareg V10 stuck,

My hobby is the mechanics, I just finished a Porsche Boxster and now I am delighted to put together what V10.

I will used the opportunity to share with you this restoration,

I just started removing pictures here,

Deposited using a motor truck with a pallet made hand, but if you can!,
a technique that I was already using it with my classic Porsche 911.

Everything is oversized on this engine,

weight, volume and the place it takes.

Manufacturing a lifting bar on the separation steps to prepare motor / box

Removing the cylinder head first in search of the crash.

Pinion loose in the eyes of the cylinder head!
No doubt a pinion sold in the housing
the reason the time is still imprésise!

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What a fantastic posting. You are the stuff folk heroes are made of. I have loved every minute of reading this an admire your bravery in taking this on. Thank you for you insight into the V10 engine.

I am so glad you chose to do an English translation, and I don't think much has been missed in the translation.

Thank you very much.


Qu'est-ce qu'un fantastique affichage. Vous êtes les héros populaires trucs sont faits. J'ai adoré chaque minute de la lecture Il s'agit d'un admirer votre courage en prenant cettesuite. Merci pour votre perspicacité dans le moteur V10.

Je suis tellement heureux que vous ayez choisi de faire une traduction en anglais, et je ne pense pas que beaucoup a été oublié dans la traduction.

Merci beaucoup.
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You deserve all of it! And it looks like VW Dealers are much the same where ever you go.

Vous méritez tout cela! Et il ressemble concessionnaires VWsont sensiblement les mêmes où que vous alliez.

Hi Frex,

Now that you have had the V10 back together for some time, how has it been performing?

Any follow up issues?

1 - 3 of 124 Posts
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