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Hello guys,

I would like to share an idea with you. I got inspired by new Skoda Octavia which has integrated USB socket for dash cam, so I decided to "copy it" :LOL:. These long 12V cables are annoying, so here is nice solution.
Parts that u will need:
  1. 12V to 5V DC converter with USB output
  2. USB-C to MicroUSB 90° angle cable
  3. USB male to USB-C female
  4. 3A or 5A fuse
  5. external fuse box (I have used oem fuse box in car)
  1. detach cover behind mirror and make a hole for usb-c
  2. glue the cable (part 3) to cover
  3. find 12V source which turns off with ignition (for me it was lowest row in fuse box on driver side) - huge black cable
  4. put cable from fuse through A pillar, headliner to overhead light switch console
  5. + cable solder to + input on DC converter and - (ground) attach with existing screw to roof
  6. connect USB cable from converter and socket
  7. assemble everything back to place

If you miss something in instructions, feel free to contact me :) and sorry for "not great, not terrible" english :ROFLMAO:
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