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What brand rotors do you use?

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I got the full rotor and pads kit for my front brakes from FCP Euro. The pads are supposedly OEM and create the most dust I've ever seen. Would not recommend. I replaced rear pads with Z23 Evolution Power Stop carbon fiber ceramic pads and they've been excellent. Very little dust and great stopping power.

For a full rotor and pads change you'll need a 21mm socket and T27 to remove the front rotors and a 14mm triple square bit to remove the rear caliper. Parts wise you'll need the rotors, pads, and new wear sensors for each wheel.
I used this video to replace rear pads.
This is a good video on front brakes and rotors.

I never removed the rear rotors so I can't speak to that complexity with the parking brake but the front is fairly straight forward. Hardest part is finding an impact wrench with a short enough nose to get in behind the rotor. I also found out after the fact that reinstalling the wheels has a special procedure to reduce/eliminate vibration.
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