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2009 Touareg V6 TDI
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G'day all Forum members. Having just joined after noting the marvellous discussions on this particular car, I should like to add my observations.This car is certainly the best that I have ever owned. Using it mainly for towing off road my caravan around Australia.The Dakar Rallies confirmed the performances of all the VW models. But not so the performance of the VW dealers. Being a petrolhead from 1951 until 2009 gave me little knowledge of diesel engines until my purchase of this model, new, in 2009.Returning from a prolonged van trip through South Australia in 2015 the engine service light came on and so when the garage tried to set the light after the service, it stayed on. Three auto electricians later, the VW dealer said that the both diesel particulate filter manifolds were completely choked. BUT the car was as responsive and quick off the mark as new. Reluctantly parting with $3488.00 the car was fixed. After doubting this diagnosis, I approached the Leimroth Diesel Engineers in Berrima, showed them. the Account who said the last entry showed the problem, replaced the faulty diesel particulate filter!!! $40.00 !!! Only 140,000kM.The dealer said buy a new car before the next 140,000. Smart.
Two other problems are apparent now, at 202,000kM, the satnav shows my location 60kM South and 140kM out to sea and the dealers (some say stealers) want $140.00 each time to tell me , An open circuit somewhere. Then the right rear door electric lock doesn't function.
I would be obliged for any helpful diagnosis from members in this amazing Forum.
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