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Hello all.

New to the forum but a long time reader.
I would like to thank all in the forum in particular the Aussie threads that helped in the selection of the latest purchase.

I acquired a 13 V8 TDI in Nov last year in anticipation of getting a boat later this year, and needed something hefty to conduct the towing.
I'm impressed with the car so far (even the bride who was against the purchase is stealing it) and still learning about the operational aspects.

It most certainly has plenty of torque!! Done 2 fishing trips already with effortless overtaking......Can someone check if the boat is still there????

Looking to change a few items as I'm in Western Australia, with the rims and tyres being the first item up for consideration.

Already done a couple of trips up north (2 x 3000 km) and the car performed well towing fully loaded trailers.

Chat soon....MickyT

Attached a photo after a recent visit to Coral Bay.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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