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Did I get a lemon?

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When I test drove the 2004 V-8 Touareg a warning light came on within 5 miles. (tire damage) We drove it back to the dealer and we were told that it was just a sensor and that it would be taken care of. It was the only 2004 V-8 the dealer had. I loved the ride, the style and performance so I bought it. Well when I brought it back the following day, the dealer said they would have to make an appointment. I made an appointment and took it back 4 days later. I picked it up that afternoon and they said the problem had been fixed. (I think they just reset it) The next day the light came back on, I took it back, then the memory would not keep for the seat, I took it back, four times one warning light after another and throughout all this time it continued to pull to the right. Then two weeks ago it would not start, I had to call a tow truck, it was late and raining, I got a jump and went to night class I teach, well after the class the car again would not start. It was dark, everyone had left and I was in an isolated place. I called a tow truck and had it jumped again! The next morning I was expecting to have to call a tow truck again, but it started, I drove it directly to the dealer and it has been there ever since. I am driving one of their loaners, a 2003 Passat, it is a 4 cyl stock , dirty vehicle. I contacted VW and they said that they are investigating... The dealer tells me that they have replaced parts, but warning lights continue to be on...I am so frustrated!!! California has lemon laws, I am very closed to hiring an attorney. I paid 50,000 for this T-junk! I should have gone with my first choice and bought a Lexus RX330!
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