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Defective Tire on Board

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Another tire pressure fault day. Got in the Touareg after being out of town for nearly 6 days.

Started her up to see a Tire Pressure fault. Visually check the tire to confirm its ok. It appears to be, so I start driving. Not more than 100 yards away from home, the message changes to "FLAT TIRE". Grrrr. So, I check the tire again to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. The tire still appears fine so I keep going.

I stop after driving about 3 minutes (~1.5 miles down the road) to run some errands. Get back in the Touareg to see a new message: "DEFECTIVE TIRE ON BOARD" Hmmmm... this is new, I think to myself.

So, I decide to call Puente Hills VW to take her in. The guy tells me to drop it off for service on Friday. No chance. Not waiting a week to get this checked out.

I call up the VW dealer in Irvine (Ron Fladboe, I think), since McKenna VW in Huntington Beach are rude. The service department rep was extremely nice. She had never heard of this error before but said she will learn through it with, and I quote, "you and my techs in close contact". Awesome. I'm bringing it in tomorrow at 10am. So far, they seem like nice and helpful.

Also, they'll be ordering the cup holder for me that had one of its little springy-grabby-thingies (yea, its a technical term) snap back inside of itself.

I will update this as more info comes in tomorrow.

Until then, happy TReg'ing!

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HEY!!!!!! Puente Hills VW! My closest VW dealer! Sorry to hear about the bad experience at that dealer, I suggest that you try Trans-Ocean or Bozanni.
Mike... same problem. Taking it in tomorrow...

Although are you sure it doesn't say "DEFECTIVE WHEEL (not tyre) ON BOARD"?

That's my message... then it says "FLAT TYRE"... so I turned off the Tyre pressure function... and just listen to the BEEP ---- PRESSURE MONITOR DISABLED!!! every time I turn on the car.
Wow... here's the update:

1 screw in the left rear tire.
2 nails in the right rear tire.

They must have been there for about 1.5 months as this has been causing various TPMS errors. When I took it to Sunnyvale VW, they "tested" the tires and concluded there were no leaks (2 weeks ago). Hmm.. I disagree. I think they BS'd me. Also, I was told that the Tire Pressure was re-learned recently at about 45 psi, which is way above "normal". I didn't set it. I have a feeling Sunnyvale VW screwed around, but I can't prove anything so I will leave it at that for now.

I have a Dodge Dakota (enterprise) rental until the morning when my TReg should be ready to roll again.

Will update if necessary.
Thanks Mike... maybe that'll help my diagnosis tomorrow.
I had the same thing happen to me. I was driving on the highway and I get a flat tire message. Scared the crap out of me. I pulled the car over, checked the tires and they were fine. The message than changed to defective wheel on board. I took the car to the dealership and as soon as I got there the computer had cleared itself out. The dealership had no idea what had happened. Wonderful.
Ii am on my second TPMS so when my wife experienced the "Defective Wheel" wheel warning. i had her do a visual and manual check she said everything looked fine, she drove home 60 miles. I looked at the tire when she got home it seemed fine, so i thought it was just another faulty monitor. The next morning, i pulled it out of the the garage and got a "flaat tire" followed by "Defective Wheel". So i checked the pressure and it was 22PSI!!!! All the other tires were fine. I filled it up to 40 psi drove a few miles and it seemed to be holding pressure. So i decided to make the 15 mile drive to the dealer to have them check it out. Problem found, a screw on the inside sidewall. So the TPMS did its job, my confidence is restored in the TPMS. And i credit the Dunlops for holding up for about 80 miles of driving with a rather large hole/screw in the sidewall.
I agree.. i drove quite a distance w/ 2tires + 1 screw =)
Flat tire/ faulty wheel

Same thing happened to us. Thought it was a sensor glitch. Tires looked fine, Went on vacation and when I came back I had a flat tire, nail was there. The car knew more than me on this one.
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